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PM-WANI, a Cross Nation Public Wi-Fi Access System

We revolutionise the way India access the Internet

Leading India To Digital Revolution Through PM Wani Wi-Fi

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Currently, most people still haven’t realized the effectiveness of having a free Wifi system for their personal work and business. Well, the PM Wani Wifi internet access that the central government has introduced is the latest scheme that aims to increase the usage of Wi-Fi access all over the country. 
What is PM Wani Wifi Internet Access Scheme?
Now as a part of this scheme, the government plans to provide internet connectivity using the PDOs (Public Data Offices). As per this scheme, it aims to boost the easy methods of doing business and even lead to ease of living. 
With this scheme, small-time business owners and shopkeepers get the fastest and best Wi-Fi services. So, it boosts their income and helps the younger generations like students to get seamless internet for their studies and research work. Plus, it helps to strengthen the Digital India mission. 
What Does PM Wani Wifi Internet Access Contain?
The Wani framework has the below components - 
PDO (Public Data Office)
This would establish, maintain and operate only on the WANI-compliant Wi-Fi-based access points. Plus, it can help to provide the best broadband services to subscribers. 
PDOA (Public Data Office Aggregator)
This would be the aggregator of PDOs and even do the functions that are related to authorization and accounting. 
App Provider
It would create an app for registering users and discovering the WANI-compliant Wi-Fi hotspots right at the nearby area. Also, it would show the same that is within the app for accessing the internet service. 
Central Registry
This would maintain the whole details of the app providers, PDOAs, and the PDOs. Plus, another major important aspect is that regarding the Central Registry, it would be maintained by the C-DoT. 
How Would The PM Wani Wifi Internet Access Scheme Work?
Well, the working of the scheme would be simple and it works in the following ways - 
● Firstly, any of the entities that are desirous in planning to be the PDO can set the Wi-Fi access point. All they have to do is purchase the network services from the service provider. 
● After that, the PDO would register with the PDOA that is registered on the app. 
● Now as soon as any potential user is present in the vicinity of the Wi-Fi access point registers and authenticates on the app, they just need to choose the PDO for connecting. Here this request would be sent to the relevant PDOA. And once the PDOA authenticates the user, the tariff plan gets displayed. 
● After the payment has been made to the PDOA, the PDOA registers the user. Also, they would provide them with the necessary Wifi access. 
Making India Digital
No doubt, the PM WANI Wifi internet access is the best tool for bringing India to the digital revolution.

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